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This month we focus on some of the key projects underway in ARENA’s pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) portfolio.

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Australia’s electricity network requires flexible and dispatchable technologies to capture and balance excess variable generation. Under the neutral scenario in its Integrated System Plan, AEMO forecasts a NEM-wide need for 17 GW and 90 GWh of storage in the next 20 years.

ARENA’s investments are helping to accelerate the uptake of PHES projects around Australia. Our work is exploring how this technology can play a role in enabling renewable energy, improving system strength, unlocking constraints in the network, reducing marginal loss factors and allowing more wind and solar farms to connect to the network.

This month we bring you a round up of the latest insights from our PHES projects.

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ARENA Insights Edition #17

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Last updated 27 August 2020
Last updated
27 August 2020
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