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The Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI) is a consortium of leading Australian research institutions collaborating to help manage the transition to a low carbon energy system, as well as positioning Australia as a global leader on CST.

Report extract

The challenge

Australia boasts an abundance of solar resource. Our climate and landscapes have shaped a unique distribution of people, industry and resources resulting in a highly distributed national electricity grid and centralised load centres mainly along our Eastern and Southern coastlines. With growing concern over the impacts of climate change, energy markets are experiencing a rapid transition to renewable energy. This transition will require renewable energy solutions that can deliver power day and night.

CSP is a technology that can store solar energy and then send it out when required. Given the future importance of energy storage to a secure and reliable electricity supply, CSP has the potential to be an important part of our energy mix. Embedding CSP in Australia will have its challenges and will require new expertise and capability. Australia has the research expertise to develop leading-edge CSP technologies and to facilitate their commercial uptake to ensure that all Australians have access to affordable and reliable clean energy.

Last updated 10 July 2020
Last updated
10 July 2020
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