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The Business of Renewables report is a study on what the world’s biggest companies are doing to lead the way, how Australian business leaders can drive change and what Australian consumers want.

Report extract

In a first of its kind study, ARENA has examined how Australian corporates are doing when it comes to using and investing in renewable energy. In particular, we wanted to understand why Australian businesses appear to be falling behind their global peers.

In the US, for example, nearly two-thirds of Fortune 100 and nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have set ambitious renewable energy or related sustainability targets. Seven of the world’s largest companies have said they are aiming to be powered by 100% renewables in the medium to long-term. Australian businesses have nowhere near this level of uptake.

So we spoke with executives from more than 90 of Australia’s largest public and private companies (ASX200 and top 200 private) to find out where Australian corporates are at on renewables, what’s holding them back or propelling them forward, and their plans for the future.

And to see whether companies and their customers were on the same page, we also spoke with Australian consumers about their willingness to pay for services and products made using renewable energy.

Last updated 22 July 2020
Last updated
22 July 2020
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