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This report has been compiled with the explicit purpose to identify the potential application for increasing the uptake of solar photovoltaics in strata residential developments Australia wide.

Report extract

Against the backdrop of nearly three decades of unimpeded economic growth, Australia’s energy system is undergoing a major transition. Global awareness of the potential effects of climate change, along with soaring electricity prices nationally, have made solar PV become an attractive option for households across the country.

The total installed capacity of solar PV installations in Australia now exceeds 7.0 GW, representing more than 1.8 million installations. As the technology is maturing, average system size has risen from about 2kW in 2010 to 6 kW in 2018.2 With little incentives for solar system owners to sell their energy to the grid, energy storage is now emerging as an increasingly interesting option for consumers seeking to further capitalise on energy savings from solar PV. A small but growing market for energy storage now exists, with several companies starting to roll out affordable options for homeowners and costs for the technology is dropping rapidly.

Last updated 14 July 2020
Last updated
14 July 2020
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