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This report represents the evolution of the EnergyAustralia DR journey since beginning this programme and performance outcomes of the past three ARENA Activation Tests (AT1, AT2 and AT3).

Report extract

The Energy sector is undergoing unprecedented change with a wave of disruption that will re-invent the industry. Significant investment is required across the supply chain to deliver a reliable, secure, affordable and sustainable energy network.

Distributed energy resources (DER) like solar, energy storage, smart homes and electric vehicles will have a material impact on the investment trajectory for the energy sector. Given the strong focus on energy costs in Australia, decentralised, behind the meter activity, including self-generation and load control, is seen as a potential way to reduce system wide costs for all market participants.

The Australian market has some of the highest uptakes of DER globally, and a key challenge for the Australian energy sector is to integrate the rapidly growing share of behind the meter DER and large-scale renewable energy sources across the National Electricity Market (NEM), while preserving or improving the reliability, security, affordability and sustainability of energy.

Last updated 09 July 2020
Last updated
09 July 2020
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