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This DER Technology Integration report is a consultation paper prepared for ARENA by Farrierswier and GridWise Energy, which presents a DER technology integration functional framework for comment.

Report extract

1. What this project is seeking to do?

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is working with farrierswier and GridWise Energy Solutions to develop a State of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Technology Integration Report. This project will create a functional framework for DER technology integration, that will be used to conduct a maturity assessment. It will then prepare a baseline report to better understand the contributions made towards DER technology integration by current and recent ARENA and non ARENA projects, programs and trials. This technical integration focus will recognise but exclude the analysis of broader market, grid and customer regulation projects already being considered by other parties.

The functional framework and maturity assessment has been designed for future application to track progress towards effective DER integration across Australia.

2. Why is this project needed?

It is widely recognised that there are complex challenges in achieving a customer-focussed transformation of Australia’s energy system. Yet transformation is needed so new technologies can benefit all consumers by enabling access to new services, reducing energy costs, improving system security and reliability , and facilitating a lower-emissions energy system. DER can play a key role in supporting these outcomes, particularly if the necessary technology and data is available so that DER can be effectively integrated into the broader electricity system and energy markets.

Many parties are currently working on addressing aspects of these transformational challenges. However, recent engagement has informed ARENA that many stakeholders – including industry, consumer groups and policy makers – struggle to understand the breadth of the current work underway on DER issues and the nature of ARENA’s and others’ more complex DER projects (ie what they are seeking to achieve, their method and approach, and how they relate to each other and other work underway by government agencies, market authorities, industry and consumer associations).

The State of DER Technology Integration Report will aim to synthesise that existing work and explain how it fits together in a manner that is accessible for people wanting an overarching view of the current state of DER technology integration, including both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

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Last updated 14 July 2020
Last updated
14 July 2020
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