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This portfolio covers some of Australia’s first large-scale solar projects and the 12 projects funded under ARENA’s large-scale solar competitive funding round. The objectives of the competitive round included reducing the cost of large-scale solar PV and providing a clear path for the technology to become competitive with other commercially viable forms of power generation in Australia.

About the report

ARENA engaged Ernst & Young to evaluate ARENA’s large scale solar portfolio.

The evaluators found that:

  • The objectives of the large scale solar competitive round were met
  • The competitive round also brought about broader benefits and impacts
  • There were some unintended consequences of the competitive round relating to broader system issues, however, on balance the broader benefits have appeared to outweigh the unintended consequences
  • The large-scale solar projects ARENA funded prior to the competitive round were largely successfully deployed and provided a blueprint for other projects to follow
  • ARENA employed adequate systems to ensure the appropriate expenditure of public funds, and capable personnel to manage the competitive round process while creating collaborative relationships with funding recipients.

The evaluation identified elements of the competitive round design and delivery that could have been improved to better deliver outcomes or to improve applicants’ experience. ARENA will incorporate these lessons into the design and delivery of future rounds.

Last updated 08 July 2020
Last updated
08 July 2020
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