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The focus of this report is to explain system strength, outline the range of remedial options available and the circumstances in which they might be applicable. The report also explores the economic merit and commercial/regulatory issues of a shared and scale-efficient model for implementing system strength provision by use of synchronous condensers.

Report extract

This report is intended to promote a broader understanding of system strength.

As Australia’s power system transitions toward renewable forms of power generation, system strength has emerged as a prominent issue and has led to difficulties in developing and operating renewable generation projects.

System strength is a technical subject and an area in which Australia is on the “bleeding edge” of international experience. Generally, there is a limited understanding of the topic and it is often confused with other related power system issues such as inertia, adequacy or resilience.

This report has been developed to promote a better understanding of system strength and its implications, and the range of remedial options that may be available. It is targeted at a broad audience, including readers from non-engineering backgrounds. The goal is to establish a base level of understanding between all stakeholders involved in the power system and serve as a basis for dialogue, and informing the ongoing development of regulatory frameworks.

Last updated 03 August 2020
Last updated
03 August 2020
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