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This is the first Knowledge Sharing Report for the New England Connection Capacity Auction (NECCA) (KSR Report) and comes at an early stage in the wider NECCA process. It addresses the knowledge and information gained during the Expression of Interest (EOI) phase.

Report extract

Despite the interruptions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the EOI process has now been successfully completed and the responses received are currently being assessed by the Capacity Allocation Advisor, MUFG (CAA) and the TransGrid Services Evaluation Team. The outcomes of that evaluation process will be advised to the respondents of the EOI process shortly.

This KSR Report must be considered in the context of two critical factors:

  • The evaluation of EOI responses and decisions on short-listing are ongoing at the time of writing. Despite this early stage status of the NECCA, it is clear that significant and strong market interest exists for the concept being tested by the NECCA’s auction process;
  • TransGrid Services is subject to confidentiality obligations to all respondents to the EOI (Participants), which restrains the depth and detail of the information which can be shared at this stage through this KSR Report. Further information will be available after the Request for Capacity (RFC) stage.
Last updated 30 September 2020
Last updated
30 September 2020
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