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This Lessons Learnt Report outlines the key learnings Proa has learnt in the six month period of April 2019 – October 2019 in regard to their involvement in the ARENA Short Term Forecasting trial.

Report extract

This is the first public Lessons Learned report from the ARENA funded Proa Solar Farm Short Term Forecasting Project.

Proa is an Australian solar forecasting and energy system modelling company founded in 2016. In this project Proa will demonstrate our state-of-the-art forecasts at three large scale solar farms in the NEM. Proa’s solar farm forecasts have already achieved the milestone of the first self-forecasts approved by AEMO for NEM Dispatch1, including Proa’s forecasts for the Kidston Solar Farm as part of this project. In passing the AEMO self-forecast assessment process, Proa has demonstrated the accuracy and reliability of our forecasts. We are confident that this can be continued and improved upon further, and we look forward to sharing more information on this project as it progresses.

This report describes the lessons learnt from the initial phase of the project: installing equipment at solar farms, registering as a self-forecasting provider, and passing the AEMO self-forecast assessment process.

As the project continues, Proa will share further insights in subsequent Lessons Learnt Reports.

Last updated 08 July 2020
Last updated
08 July 2020
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