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This document is the United Energy Demand Response Project Performance Report for the ARENA Advancing Renewables Programme – Demand Response programme.

Report extract

This report documents the major achievements of the project since the release of the last milestone report. These achievements include completion of:-

  1. zone substation works with DVMS enabled and performance tuning undertaken at these sites;
  2. low-voltage remedial works to tighten voltage distributions and maximise demand response delivery;
  3. AEMO tests to confirm United Energy’s demand response reserve capability for the last summer period;
  4. delivery of RERT demand response services for AEMO on two occasions – 24th and 25th January 2019;
  5. development of a draft capability diagram for the operation of the DVMS; and
  6. knowledge sharing activities relating to the findings of the project during the period.

To minimise duplication of content, this report should be read as a continuation of the previous milestone reports.

Last updated 13 July 2020
Last updated
13 July 2020
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