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This report details the latest details from the Period 2 winter tests for their behavioural DR program, as well as the commercial Frigbot and HVAC performance.

Report extract

Zen Ecosystems (ZE) ran multiple DR events in summer 2018, going a long way to meeting the DR Pilot Program objectives. ZE recruited over 1,400 program participants through our RACV partner campaign, along with smaller behavioural DR cohorts, commercial building HVAC and refrigeration loads. Multiple DR events were conducted and measured successfully through the AEMO RERT mechanism.

Throughout the testing events, ZE were faced with a number of challenges that may have influenced the results of the programme. These challenges included poor access to participant data; difficulty in ascertaining accurate baseline methodologies; unexpected behaviour of Frigbot and refrigeration loads; and results being affected by testing times and testing conditions.

There are some learnings that ZE will take away to improve the programme and work with ARENA and other authorities to have better access to available resources that can improve results. We hope to build participation and demonstrate the value of DR participation within the next 12-18 months.

Last updated 13 July 2020
Last updated
13 July 2020
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