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How the process works

ARENA is committed to providing a quality service and we see value in handling the less positive experience of our stakeholders. We are committed to fair and transparent dealings with customers and stakeholders.

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More information can be found below:

  • Our commitment

    As such, when managing your complaint ARENA will:

    • Manage your personal and private information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988
    • Not discriminate against or disadvantage you for lodging a complaint or providing other feedback (if you think you may have been disadvantaged as a result of feedback you have given us, please let us know)
    • Not charge you for the process
    • Ensure it is resolved in a timely fashion
    • Ensure it is addressed in an objective and unbiased manner
    • Communicate its progress and provide indicative timings for progression
    • Assist anyone wishing to make a complaint by directing them to follow the documented process.

    More information: Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure (PDF 200KB)

  • How to make a complaint

    If you have already discussed your concerns with the ARENA officer or consultant involved and are not satisfied or you do not feel comfortable in doing so, then our formal process is available to you.


    The most efficient way of making your submission is to use the online Complaint form.


    Download a print version Complaint form (PDF 90KB)

    Once complete email to or post to GPO Box 643, Canberra ACT 2601.

  • What will happen?

    Upon receipt of your submission, the ARENA Governance team will select and allocate a suitable case officer who will:

    • Acknowledge receipt of your submission
    • Make a preliminary assessment and discuss options with you for resolution
    • Investigate and
    • Inform you of the outcome and/or remedial action.

    To investigate your submission the case officer will:

    • Gather all information
    • Confirm issues and facts with you if required
    • Analyse the complaint against ARENA procedures and
    • Determine its validity.

    Once the investigation has been completed the handling officer may prepare a recommendation for the ARENA CEO. The CEO may make a decision regarding the outcome. Where applicable, you will be advised of the outcome. Possible outcomes could be to:

    • Take steps to rectify the problem and/or
    • Change ARENA policies or procedures if a systemic problem is exposed.
  • How long will it take?

    The length of time to investigate and resolve a submission will depend on the nature and complexity of the issues raised. As a guide, we have set the following time standards that we will aim to achieve in most cases:

    • Record the submission and begin ARENA’s administration process within one working day
    • Acknowledge receipt within 2 working days of receiving the submission and
    • Respond within 20 working days of initial receipt.

    If this timeframe is not possible, ARENA will provide an explanation for the delay.

  • Further options

    If you have completed each stage of our general complaints handling process and are still not satisfied, or you are dissatisfied at any time during the handling of your submission, you may wish to seek an external review through an alternative mechanism, such as:

Last updated 18 November 2020
Last updated
18 November 2020


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