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A company working to produce biofuel from algae with $4.4 million ARENA support has received the Adelaide Innovation Champions 2013 Award.

The award was presented by Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd, owned by the University of Adelaide and responsible for managing all IP commercialisation, contract research and consulting activities.

Muradel is designing and trialling its process to convert algae to biofuel at demonstration scale, and also advancing its algae harvesting and concentrating system that will be integrated with the whole algae fuel production system. The project will progress development of the vital next step, which is conversion of the algae biomass into green crude oil.

If successful, this project will deliver a viable solution that can be applied at commercial scale, and one that will offer a source of renewable fuel that meets the challenge of reducing carbon emissions while being energy efficient and economically attractive to consumers.

Last updated 14 August 2020
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