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    23 February 2017

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A-Lab is ARENA’s grid integration innovation lab. It brings together a network of people with a range of expertise to imagine, create and show what a high renewable energy future could look like.

The program will become a central plank in ARENA’s work accelerating Australia’s shift to a more reliable and sustainable renewable energy future. A-Lab is designed to address key challenges for the energy sector by getting the right people and companies to work together, understand perspectives, needs and to collaborate on solutions. These solutions are incubated, tested, refined and pitched to collaborators and funders.

How does A-Lab work?

Imagining what the future could be is one thing; building on the idea is much more challenging. We started from assuming that the future will be a customer-focussed energy ecosystem: reliable and resilient, with vibrant new markets and choices, social equity and low carbon impact.

To realise this future, we designed six ‘innovation frames’ (shown below) which cover themes in market design, technology, infrastructure and regulatory issues. A-Lab participants will progressively tackle each frame, and create collaborative market-based experiments to test co-designed solutions.

When is ARENA launching A-Lab?

We will officially launch A-Lab soon. Today, we are excited to be able to share this pre-lauch preview with our key stakeholders. To find out more about this important and innovative initiative, and watch our 2016 pilot A-Lab workshop series in action, head to our A-Lab webpage.

Our first A-Lab project announcement: decentralised Energy exchange (dEx)

A marketplace that will allow househholds and businesses to trade network services in real time is yet to happen. A-Lab pilot participants worked with ARENA A-Lab to design this world-leading market trial for their exciting project. Congrats to GreenSync, Reposit Power, Mojo Power, United Energy, ActewAGL, ANU and the Victorian and ACT Governments for their collaboration and hard work to develop this to an investment-ready project.

Want to know more about a-Lab? Contact us or register your interest here.

Last updated 15 July 2019
Last updated
15 July 2019
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