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The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory is enhancing its collaboration with the UNSW-based Australia—US Institute for Advanced Photovoltaics (AUSIAPV).

The White House issued a statement announcing plans to share knowledge and best practices with UNSW and ANU on photovoltaics in an ongoing effort to meet an increased energy demand with a focus on clean energy.

AUSIAPV was established in December 2012 with a $33.1 million ARENA funding and support from industry partners with the aim of leveraging research synergies to significantly accelerate PV development. Much of the institute’s work is focused on reducing costs and improving the DNA of solar PV by enhancing solar cell efficiencies to more effectively harness the sun’s energy.

AUSIAPV recently released its first annual report that details the substantial breakthroughs the collaboration has achieved so far. Support for the institute has directly led to 19 research reports and 13 new patents in the first year of operation. This includes a 24.4% world record silicon cell with rear contacts, significant progress towards high performance tandem solar cells, boosted silicon solar cell efficiency and advancements in organic solar cell manufacturing technology.

Last updated 06 August 2019
Last updated
06 August 2019
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