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Reposit Power has announced it is combining its GridCredits storage system with Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery.

The intelligent GridCredits system has been designed to work with battery storage hardware and will be available with other batteries in addition to Tesla’s.

Reposit launched a Canberra based trial of GridCredits late last year, supported by $445,000 ARENA funding. It received a great deal of interest and Reposit now plans to offer GridCredits to Australian consumers as a commercial product in late 2015. This latest announcement demonstrates the value of funding pilot scale projects to show how renewable energy technologies can operate in Australia’s electricity grids.

The GridCredits system works with battery storage to control and store energy. This can give consumers access to their own solar power overnight and at peak times, reducing their demand on the grid and allowing more solar to be used. It also allows energy to be sold back into the grid by placing bids into the market.

Residential electricity storage could allow network operators to manage demand more effectively by delivering stored power into the grid at peak times. ARENA is funding several storage projects to make renewable energy more cost effective and allow more renewables to be used in Australia’s electricity markets.

Last updated 09 August 2019
Last updated
09 August 2019
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