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    11 May 2018

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    Hydrogen energy

Australia has vast renewable energy resources, good export capabilities and strong relationships with key international energy markets. As the global economy transitions to low emission energy alternatives, Australia is well positioned to export renewable energy to meet the energy needs of other nations.

Exporting renewable energy is an ARENA investment priority and supporting the development of a renewable hydrogen supply chain has been identified as an option that could fulfil this long-term vision. To understand, model and quantify this possibility, ARENA has engaged ACIL Allen Consulting to prepare a report to assess Australia’s potential opportunities from the export of renewable hydrogen.

This report will include an analysis of:

  • Expected price points for renewable and low emissions hydrogen
  • Potential market demand
  • Distribution of demand according to commodity and end use
  • Assessment of Australia’s likely competitive advantages compared with other potential producers
  • Australia’s potential market share of the sector
  • Evaluation of the national benefits from hydrogen exports
  • A roadmap to achieving Australia’s potential hydrogen export market share

In parallel to ARENA’s work, the CSIRO is undertaking a National Hydrogen Roadmap, which has a domestic, techno-economic focus. Although independently produced, the two reports are intended to provide complementary analyses and are expected to be released in August 2018.

For more information on ARENA’s market opportunities report, please contact us.

Last updated 05 December 2019
Last updated
05 December 2019
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