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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Dyno Nobel Moranbah Pty Ltd


    Moranbah, Queensland

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables

  • Start Date

    June 2019



  • Project Partners
    Incitec Pivot Limited


The Feasibility of Renewable Green Hydrogen project will conduct and assess the feasibility of producing renewable hydrogen and ammonia at Dyno Nobel’s existing facility in Moranbah, Queensland.


As part of its plan to simultaneously increase production while reducing C02 emissions, Dyno Nobel is investigating options to substitute renewable hydrogen for natural gas as feedstock to the ammonia manufacturing process.


The Feasibility of Renewable Green Hydrogen study will be carried out to determine the scope and cost of the required plant upgrade using methane and renewable hydrogen as alternative feedstocks. The study will consider the following elements:

  • system design parameters
  • design and technology selection
  • process safety
  • production performance
  • approvals and permitting
  • innovations in design
  • cost drivers
  • implementation timeframe
  • funding requirements

The findings of the feasibility study will be documented in a knowledge sharing report.


The study will evaluate if a feasible project can be developed with hydrogen produced from zero-emission electrolysis and supplied at a price that is cost competitive to alternatives. The study will determine the cost of hydrogen electrolysis equipment at industrial scale (>100 MW) and the strategy to manage electrical and hydrogen supply variability. The study will determine the economics of solar-only, behind-the-meter power generation for renewable hydrogen production.

Additional impact

The knowledge shared from this project will advance understanding of the commercialisation of renewable hydrogen production for domestic and international use. If feasible, future phases of the project may create significant employment and form the basis of a hydrogen manufacturing hub in Queensland.

Last updated 18 October 2019
Last updated
18 October 2019


Renewable future beckons for Queensland ammonia plants

Dyno Nobel will assess the feasibility of creating the world’s largest renewable ammonia plant at their Moranbah facility in the heart of the coal-rich Bowen Basin.

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