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How to Apply for Funding

Step 1 - Read the program guidelines
  • About the program

    The Advancing Renewables Program (ARP) is continuously open for applications that address our investment focus areas to:

    1. Optimise the transition to renewable electricity
    2. Commercialise clean hydrogen
    3. Support the transition to low emissions metals

    An amendment has been made to the Advancing Renewables Program Guidelines (section 3.3) to ensure ARENA is funding projects and activities that assist the Government accelerate priority technologies to achieve stretch goals identified in the First Low Emissions Technology Statement – 2020.

    ARENA wishes to attract and fund projects that align with its Investment Plan and the priority low emissions technologies and emerging and enabling technologies outlined in the Low Emissions Technology Statement that support renewable energy and enabling technologies.

    Through the Advancing Renewables Program, ARENA is able to fund only those low emissions projects and activities that involve a renewable energy technology or technologies that increase the supply of, or improve the competitiveness of, renewable energy in Australia and have a clear nexus to renewable energy and its enabling technologies.


    Before proceeding to Step 2, read the following documents:

Step 2 - Find out if you are eligible
  • Complete the assessment

    If you have not worked with us before, please complete the Eligibility and Alignment Tool assessment.

    This five-minute assessment will:

    • determine if your project aligns with our priorities
    • advise whether you are eligible for funding
    • provide us with clarity about your project on submission
    • provide you with a pathway to Step 3 on submission.

    Complete assessment

  • Assessment outcome

    We will assess your submission within two weeks. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can request to have an ARENA representative contact you to discuss your project.

    You can then decide whether to proceed with your application in Step 3.

Step 3 - Prepare your response
  • Expression of interest

    Applicants submitting an expression of interest are required to submit a project plan (maximum 20 pages). No other documents are required.

    Note: Please ensure you have spoken with an ARENA representative before submitting your expression of interest.

    Submit application

  • Full application

    Applicants submitting a full application must submit the following attachments:

    Note: Review the Funding Agreement Template contract. If you do not agree with clauses or details record them in the Compliance Table template. If you agree, submit a blank document with your application.

    Submit application


Last updated 27 November 2023
Last updated
27 November 2023
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