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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Hydro Tasmania



    ARENA Program

    International Engagement Program

  • Start date

    7 May 2018

    End date

    31 December 2021

  • Project Partners
    Charles Sturt University, Kator Research Services, Entura
    This renewables project was completed on 31 December 2021.


This project supports Australian participation in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) for hydropower.


The IAE-TCP for hydropower aims to influence worldwide recognition of hydropower as a well-established and socially desirable energy technology, advance the development of new hydropower and modernise existing hydropower.

This project can ensure Australian exposure to international best practices across a range of relevant disciplines, including technology, economic, social, and environmental issues.

This project places a strong focus on:

  • governance and operation of the TCP
  • the optimal role and value of hydropower assets to support the effective integration of variable renewable energy technologies, such as wind and solar PV
  • insights regarding the important relationships and dynamics between hydropower assets and fish populations.

This work is identifying common challenges and opportunities for global hydropower operators and developers in leveraging the flexible operations of hydropower plants to achieve a deep decarbonisation of large-scale energy systems.


With support from ARENA, Hydro Tasmania are contributing to the overall governance of the TCP including the role of Chair of the IEA Hydro TCP Executive Council (ExCo) and secretariat support, contributing to broad knowledge sharing activities across the various TCP sub-tasks, in particular contributing to Annex IX: Valuing Hydropower Services, and Annex XIII: Hydropower and Fish.

Effective governance is critical to ensuring the appropriate direction of the IEA Hydro TCP agenda. To achieve this, two Executive Council meetings are held per year, with various IEA head office and Annex expert meetings as required. These meetings are essential to drive progress of Annex activities, as well as creating and sustaining collaboration with ExCo member countries and other hydropower interested parties.


The core objective of this project is to share and draw upon the knowledge, expertise and experiences of international hydropower peers.

Through IEA Hydro, Hydro Tasmania is ensuring better access and capture of information about international expertise and best practice in design, deployment and operation of hydropower assets – including Australia specific experiences.

As Annex IX participants, Hydro Tasmania is collaborating with various international governments and institutions to publish a series of papers, which will form the basis of an international ‘HydroBalancing’ roadmap.

Hydro Tasmania are also participating in Annex XIII: Hydropower and Fish. In coordination with members from Charles Sturt University, we are contributing to the development on a Fish Migration roadmap.

Last updated
27 July 2022
Last updated 27 July 2022


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