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A key part of our work is to build knowledge that can be shared openly to help industry and government better navigate the energy transition.

Information and ‘lessons learned’ also help to:

  • de-risk follow-on projects,
  • accelerate deployment of safe and commercially viable technologies,
  • increase public understanding and confidence in new technologies, and
  • support capability development.

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Our impact is demonstrated in how we are ensuring the private sector has the right tools, technology options and business models to deliver secure and reliable renewable energy.

We undertake research and inform policy decisions, we bring together people from across the energy sector, government, startups and universities to collaborate with one another, and share their knowledge.

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Last updated 04 June 2024
Last updated
04 June 2024


ARENA event looks to shake things up in renewable hydrogen and iron and steel

Top level research organisations, startups and companies came to showcase their projects, all funded by ARENA.

Amplifying inclusion for First Nations People

Happy NAIDOC week, with this year’s theme of Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud.  

Why a billion-dollar bet on solar makes sense

The goal isn’t to compete with China immediately. It is to make the energy transition more resilient to external shocks.


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