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Our Investment Priorities

ARENA projects

We support the companies and institutions that are building our future energy system.

Our Funding and Investment Plan lists our three investment priorities and address the key areas that can help create a smooth transition to renewable energy.

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Priority 1. Integrating renewables into the electricity system

Hybrid technology iconBy investing in innovative ways to use, store, manage and share renewable energy, ARENA can help provide affordable, secure and reliable electricity for Australians through the energy transition.


Priority 2. Accelerating hydrogen

Hydrogen energy iconARENA will help drive innovation in hydrogen supply chains, from production to end use, creating opportunities across the domestic economy, and positioning Australia to become a major renewable energy exporter.


Priority 3. Supporting industry to reduce emissions

Reduce emissions iconARENA will help Australian industry reduce emissions by investing in innovative and replicable technologies and processes that increase the adoption of renewable energy (including renewable electricity, renewable fuels, solar thermal, hydrogen and bioenergy).

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Last updated 18 August 2020
Last updated
18 August 2020


How could pumped hydro energy storage power our future?

Reservoirs of water are poised to play a key role storing renewable energy to bolster the grid.

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How could renewable hydrogen power our lives?

Hydrogen offers a way to produce a renewable, emissions-free fuel using the power of the sun and wind.

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South Australia goes with the flow battery

The world’s largest vanadium flow battery is set to shake up the energy storage market.

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