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Our Priorities

Australia is encouraging innovation and new technologies and ARENA has a major role to play in supporting the companies and institutions that are building our future energy system.

Our four investment priorities are derived from our funding and investment plans and address key areas that can help create a smooth transition to renewable energy.

Priority 1. Delivering secure and reliable electricity

ARENA aims to show how higher levels of renewable energy can be integrated into the electricity grid – thereby helping to meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets – and how the cost of doing this can be reduced. Ensuring that the grid remains secure and reliable as higher levels of renewable energy are integrated is crucial.

Priority 2. Accelerating solar PV innovation

By supporting ongoing research, development and demonstration, we will further drive innovation in solar PV in Australia and internationally. We want to help make solar PV more efficient, affordable and competitive.

Priority 3. Improving energy productivity

We want to improve energy productivity in Australia by supporting replicable, innovative and efficient energy use and adoption of renewable energy across the industry, building and transport sectors. By improving energy productivity, we can help reduce energy costs and emissions.

Priority 4. Exporting renewable energy

We want to explore opportunities for Australian renewable energy to supply energy-intensive, large-scale export value chains. By driving innovation in Australia’s renewable export industry, we want to position the industry for long term growth.

Last updated 19 July 2019


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