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ARENA recognises the Government’s commitment to initiatives such as RecruitAbility and Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) that are aimed at redressing past injustices through practical measures such as increasing employment and reducing the level of disadvantage across diverse groups. ARENA acknowledges that fundamentally a RAP is designed to inform practical plans of action on how an organisation will contribute to reconciliation in the communities in which they operate.

ARENA is comprised of an innovative and diverse workforce across age, gender and background profiles, in addition to work experience. Due to legislated constraints around how ARENA can engage its workforce, commitments to specific indigenous initiatives are limited. ARENA is however committed to the fundamental principles in which such initiatives are meant to address. As such ARENA engages with the Department to provide input and feedback as relevant to DISER’s overall participation in applicable schemes. ARENA has committed to DISER’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan and participates in coordinated events and activities such as NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week. In addition, ARENA has an Indigenous Champion involved with applicable Departmental activities.

In the space of external service providers, ARENA has a track record of engaging providers with diverse backgrounds. ARENA supports the Northern Territory Solar Energy Transformation Program. The project, run by the Northern Territory (NT) Government’s Power and Water Corporation subsidiary, Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd, aims to transform the delivery of electricity in remote off-grid communities throughout the NT.

With an agency committed to reconciliation through the internal and external measures mentioned above, ARENA feels its commitment to the premise behind a RAP is being met. ARENA remains committed to promoting initiatives and awareness within applicable scale and scope available to the agency, intended to create an inclusive and diverse workforce that is both conscious and focused on the importance of reconciliation. This will enable ARENA to make a difference in small parts and in various forms to ensure maximum impact despite our size and related restrictions.

Last updated 03 March 2020


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