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Funding Opportunities


We have a number of opportunities available for funding applications. Our programs and funding priorities allow us to provide advice, suitability and guidance on your proposal. Choose from the relevant opportunity below and follow the application instructions step by step. Funding applications should align to our ARENA's strategic priorities.

  • Hydrogen Headstart Round 2

    In the May 2024 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced investment in Round 2 of the Hydrogen Headstart program. The Program will provide up to $2 billion of revenue support to support large-scale renewable hydrogen production projects.

    • Status: Open
  • Solar Sunshot

    The $1 billion Solar Sunshot program will support the development and operation of manufacturing facilities in Australia across the solar supply chain.

    • Status: Open
  • National Industrial Transformation Program

    The $40 million National Industrial Transformation Program (NIT Program) will support the reduction of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions at existing or planned industrial facilities across Australia.

    • Status: Open
  • Powering the Regions Industrial Transformation Stream

    In the 2023-24 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced $400 million for the Industrial Transformation Stream to be administered by ARENA under the Powering the Regions Fund.

    • Status: Open
  • Advancing Renewables Program (ARP)

    ARP supports a range of development, demonstration and pre-commercial deployment projects. This includes opportunities to optimise the transition to renewable electricity, commercialise clean hydrogen and support the transition to low emissions metals.

    • Status: Ongoing
  • Driving the Nation Program

    The Driving the Nation Program is an ongoing program developed to enable the demonstration and deployment of new zero emissions vehicle technologies.

    • Status: Open
  • Regional Microgrids Program

    The Regional Microgrid Program (RMP) support the development and deployment of renewable energy microgrids across rural and regional Australia.

    • Status: Open
  • Innovation Fund

    Emerging Australian technologies & businesses that can accelerate Australia’s transition to a renewable energy economy.

    • Status: Ongoing

These funding opportunities are no longer accepting applications. Successful projects will be publicly announced at a later date and when available, can be found by visiting our newsroom.

  • Hydrogen Headstart Round 1

    In the 2023-24 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced the establishment of Hydrogen Headstart, a $2 billion revenue support program to support large scale renewable hydrogen.

    • Status: Closed
  • Industrial Energy Transformation Studies (IETS) Program

    The IETS Program, announced as part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget, aims to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs and emissions in the industrial sector.

    • Status: Closed
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel Funding Initiative

    On 3 July 2023, we announced the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Funding Initiative of up to $30 million to support the development of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry with production from renewable feedstocks in Australia.

    • Status: Closed
  • Iron and Steel Research and Development Funding Round

    On 13 April 2023, we announced the Iron and Steel R&D Funding Round of up to $25 million to support research and development activities in low emissions iron and steel production.

    • Status: Closed
  • Hydrogen Research and Development Funding Round

    On 13 April 2023, we announced the Hydrogen R&D Funding Round of up to $25 million to support research and development activities in renewable hydrogen production, storage and distribution.

    • Status: Closed
  • Community Batteries Funding Round 1

    On 4 April 2023, we announced the Community Batteries Funding Round 1 of up to $120 million to deploy community batteries across Australia.

    • Status: Closed
  • Ultra Low Cost Solar PV Research and Development

    We are allocating up to $40 million to support the research and commercialisation of Ultra Low Cost Solar PV (ULCS) technologies.

    • Status: Closed
  • German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator (HyGATE)

    HyGATE is one of three major initiatives developed as part of the Declaration of Intent between the Government of Australia and the Government of Germany on the Australia-Germany Hydrogen Accord.

    • Status: Closed
  • Future Fuels Fund Round 1

    The Future Fuels Fund Round 1 aims to address barriers to the roll out of new vehicle technologies.

    • Status: Closed
  • Research and Development

    Renewable energy technologies that will increase commercial deployment within Australia.

    • Status: Closed
  • Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round

    ARENA is providing up to $70 million in funding to support the acceleration of hydrogen in Australia through the Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round.

    • Status: Closed
  • Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund (REVC)

    REVC fosters skills and management capability. It encourages investment in innovative Australian renewable energy companies to strengthen their chance of success.

    • Status: Closed

These funding opportunities are no longer accepting applications. Click on the relevant opportunity to learn more about the program and its successful applicants, or stay up-to-date with information about our Projects and Knowledge Bank.

  • Large Scale Battery Storage

    We announced the Large Scale Battery Storage Funding Round of up to $100 million to accelerate demonstration of advanced inverter capabilities on battery projects at scale.

    • Status: Past
  • Commercialisation of R&D Funding Initiative Pilot

    This initiative has been designed to be delivered in conjunction with the CSIRO’s ON Prime program.

    • Status: Past
  • System Security

    ARENA is allocating up to $7 million of funding towards activities focused on the provision of power system security and strength services from innovative methods or technologies that are non-traditional sources of those services.

    • Funds allocated: $7m
    • Status: Past
  • Addressing Solar PV End-of-Life Issues and Lowering Solar PV Cost

    Supporting R&D to address end-of-life issues for solar PV panels, as well as lowering their cost.

    • Funds allocated: $15m
    • Status: Past
  • Short Term Forecasting Funding Round

    Activities focused on 5-minute ahead self-forecasting for wind and solar farms operating in the NEM.

    • Funds allocated: $10m
    • Status: Past
  • Distributed Energy Resources

    Pilot projects and studies to integrate distributed energy resources into the electricity system.

    • Funds allocated: $12.5m
    • Status: Past
  • Demand Response

    Managing electricity supply during extreme peaks.

    • Funds allocated: $37.5m
    • Status: Past
  • Large-Scale Solar

    Supporting further cost reduction in large-scale solar PV.

    • Status: Past
  • Renewable Hydrogen for Export

    Developing a potential renewable energy export supply chain, centred around hydrogen and related carrier materials.

    • Funds allocated: $22.1m
    • Status: Past
  • Solar Research & Development

    Reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of solar PV.

    • Funds allocated: $29.2m
    • Status: Past
  • Industry and Researcher Collaboration

    Supporting collaboration between industry and the research sector focused on innovative renewable energy technologies that integrate renewable energy into networks, buildings and industrial processes.

    • Funds allocated: $17m
    • Status: Past
  • Solar Research Excellence

    Promoting excellence in solar research and build on Australia’s reputation for delivering world-leading photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal technologies.

    • Funds allocated: $21.5m
    • Status: Past
  • International Engagement Program

    Supporting Australian representation and access to global forums, which are dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge on renewable energy research, deployment, markets, policies and regulations.

    • Funds allocated: $4.8m
    • Status: Past
  • Emerging Renewables Program

    Supporting a broad range of development, demonstration and early stage deployment projects to lower the cost and increase the use of renewable energy technologies in Australia.

    • Status: Past
  • Regional Australia’s Renewables

    Supporting trials of renewable energy solutions, including hybrid systems, in regional and remote locations with the aim of increasing the use of these technologies for power generation once they become affordable.

    • Status: Past
  • Accelerated Step Change Initiative (ASCI)

    Supporting exceptional, breakthrough projects that were not otherwise eligible under existing ARENA funding programs.

    • Status: Past
  • The Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE)

    ACRE was established in 2009 to promote the development, commercialisation and deployment of renewable energy and enabling technologies and improve their competitiveness in Australia.

    • Funds allocated: $690m+
    • Status: Past
  • Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

    ARENA assumed responsibility for projects under the following programs managed by the former Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

    • Status: Past
  • Australian Solar Institute

    The Australian Solar Institute (ASI) operated from August 2009 before being merged into ARENA on 31 December 2012. ASI developed a portfolio approaching $450 million in value from the initial $150 million, supporting over 350 solar researchers across more than 120 projects.

    • Funds allocated: $150m
    • Status: Past
  • Post Fellowship Doctorate

    The Post Fellowship Doctorate is a legacy funding program.

    • Status: Past
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