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Opportunity details

Step 1 - Read the program guidelines
  • Solar PV Research Guidelines

    ARENA is currently calling for applications for its third competitive funding round under ARENA’s Research & Development Program focussing on early stage research in solar photovoltaics (PV).

    R&D Round 3 will contribute to ARENA’s Accelerating Solar PV Innovation investment priority, identified in ARENA’s Investment Plan.

    Several decades of Australian solar PV R&D innovation has cascaded through global manufacturing supply chains and contributed to the dramatic decline in deployed solar PV we see today. Further solar PV cost reductions will allow solar PV to account for a much greater proportion of Australia’s energy needs.

    Solar PV cells and modules comprise a significant proportion of the total cost of deployed solar PV. Improvements in solar PV cell and module costs can also lead to knock-on cost reductions through the rest of the solar value chain.

    Round 3 aims to reduce the future cost of solar PV deployment through research and development on:

    1. Established and emerging solar cell technologies including lower cost materials, and/or improved efficiency and/or stability and/or reliability and/or scalability; and
    2. Established or emerging solar module technologies, including lower cost materials, and/or improved efficiency and/or reliability and/or durability.


Step 2 - Observe the key dates
  • Key dates

    Expressions of Interest were open from Wednesday 24 May 2017 until 5pm on Wednesday 21 June 2017

    Full Applications are due 5pm Monday 4 September 2017
    Full applications will open to invited applicants from early August 2017 and will close 5pm Monday 4 September.

    Application Outcome October 2017
    Successful applicants will be notified by in late-October 2017.

Step 3 - Prepare your response
  • Application

    1. Read the R&D Program Round 3: Solar PV Research Guidelines
    2. Make sure you are eligible to apply (see Part 3 of the Guidelines)
    3. Determine whether your proposal meets the Objectives of the Program (item 1.6 of the Guidelines) and the Round Priorities (item 3.8 of the Guidelines)
    4. Determine the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your proposed project (see Appendix A of the Guidelines)
    5. Prepare responses to the merit criteria (Part 4 of the Guidelines)
    6. Submit your applications using ARENA’s Grant Management System
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