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This report outlines lessons learnt from developing BetterFleet, an online tool for fleet and sustainability managers that aims to help them understand what is involved with the transition process and help them optimise economic and environmental outcomes of transitioning to an electric, shared and connected fleet.

Report extract

Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles within fleets requires finding the potential change agents (or those being forced to go through the transition process), dealing with their objections and building their enthusiasm for making the transition, arming them with the tools they need and ensuring they can use the tools they require. Essentially it is about generating enthusiasm and removing roadblocks.

Success is ultimately measured by the number of organisations that go through a process all the way to purchasing vehicles. This requires the provision of information and tools, but also a proactive process of helping people through the journey and helping them if they get off track. To date the site has received 1500 visitors with 400 sign-ups. Of the 400 users that signed up to the platform, 79 used the BetterFleet platform more than once and 48 were active users.

Last updated 07 July 2020
Last updated
07 July 2020
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