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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation



    Sydney, New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    11 March 2019

    End date

    10 August 2021

  • Project Partners
    Ausgrid, NSW Government, NRMA and South Australian Government
    This EV project was completed on 10 August 2021.


Evenergi’s Charge Together – Phase 2 project will develop an online platform to help businesses and consumers make informed choices about electric vehicles (EVs), and assist electricity networks to plan for the potential impact of EVs.


Fleets make up more than half of all new vehicles sold annually in Australia. This platform aims to reduce barriers for fleets that are trying to migrate to EVs, by significantly reducing the time and cost required to make procurement decisions.

The Charge Together – Phase 2 project also aims to reduce barriers for consumers trying to purchase renewably powered EVs, as well as help electricity distributors better plan for widespread adoption of EVs.


Evenergi is building a suite of tools to help consumers and businesses purchase electric vehicles. This includes:

  • BetterFleet, an online platform to assist businesses to develop a detailed business case for switching to EVs. Fleet managers will be able to develop procurement plans that include economic and environmental assessments of vehicles and charging infrastructure in minutes.
  • an online platform and smartphone app for private consumers to allow them to find the most suitable EV, arrange a test drive and set up home charging infrastructure.

The project will also develop an Australia-wide planning tool for electricity distributors to plan for and manage the potential impact of EVs on the electricity system. This forecasting framework will take into account current EV electricity capacity, network constraints, travel data, future charging infrastructure, local renewable generation, and capacity management options.


The Charge Together fleet software and BetterFleet service tool aims to accelerate EV adoption by making the process simpler and more cost effective. Evenergi’s forecasting method and application we will create a common forecasting language within industry to help distributors work with AEMO to ensure realistic forecasts that minimise costly upgrade work.

Additional impact

Evenergi has run over 20 workshops to date with fleet managers, distribution network operators and motoring groups. They are also running monthly webinars discussing the issues around fleet electrification.

The Charge Together – Phase 2 project is continuation of the SA Strategic Regional Electric Vehicle Adoption Program.

Last updated 16 August 2021


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