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This report details the development and construction of at least 22 Charging Sites along major driving routes between Brisbane and Adelaide along the coast of Eastern Australia, in and around Perth in Western Australia, and in Tasmania, at approximately 200km apart.

Report extract

Chargefox’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Network Project commenced in October 2018 and is due to be completed mid-2020. The Project will deliver 22 ultra-rapid EV Charging Sites across Australia in order to make EV ownership more attractive and feasible. This project was made possible by the funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Programme.

To date, Chargefox has commissioned 12 of these Charging Sites and a further four are constructed and awaiting power connection. This report documents lessons learned by the Chargefox’s team over the past quarter. The lessons learned presented here include an innovative dynamic connection arrangement with electricity networks, a new approach to commissioning, and a new streamlined approach to project delivery. All of these have improved our ability to deliver ultra-rapid EV charging quickly and to budget.

Last updated 07 July 2020
Last updated
07 July 2020
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