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This report summarises progress and key learnings from the first fifteen months of the Energy Freedom Solar Electric Vehicle project, including testing outcomes for the first vehicle prototype.

Report extract

As the way we live changes, there is a pressing need to reimagine the way we move people and goods, with a sharp focus on sustainability. Electrification of our global vehicle fleet is important to improving sustainability, but to get the best results we must address two issues:

  • Energy efficiency: Today’s Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are large and heavy, because they are designed to perform a range of tasks. This makes them inherently inefficient in the amount of energy they consume for most of their day to day uses; and
  • EV adoption: Adoption of EV’s is slow globally but especially in Australia, because of vehicle cost and limited availability of high-speed charging.
Last updated 16 September 2020
Last updated
16 September 2020
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