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This report outlines the key lessons learnt around developing the consumer EV product (now named EVExperience application), an online platform targeting consumers to provide them with a tool to prepare for a life with EVs.

Report extract

Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia requires helping consumers overcome common barriers such as high upfront costs, low product availability and limited access to public charging infrastructure. Household surveys illustrate real interest from Australian consumers on electric vehicles, with 11% of motorists stating that their next vehicle would be electric, due to the anticipated increase of new EV products into the local market, international EV uptake, and key industry stakeholders such as NRMA investing in public charging infrastructure across the country.

EvExperience is about managing people through a process of capturing their vehicle needs and arming consumers with the information they needed to get an EV either now or in the near future, so that even if an EV is not appropriate now, they feel invested in the process of getting one.

Last updated 07 July 2020
Last updated
07 July 2020
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