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This Evie Networks Lessons Learnt Report provides an update on the lessons learnt from the development and construction of at least 42 ultrafast EV charging sites located across Australia.

Report extract

Evie Networks’ National Ultrafast EV Charging Infrastructure Network involves the development and construction of at least 42 ultrafast EV charging sites located along Australian major highways in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

  • Spaced approximately 150km apart, these charging stations will support the full range of passenger and light commercial EVs, by supporting both the CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors prevalent in the market.
  • Each site will be built with at least two ultrafast DC chargers, each providing up to 350 kW, though many sites will be future‐proofed for up to six chargers, including a high‐capacity grid connection to match.
  • All sites will be powered by renewable energy.

As of December 2019, the Evie Networks project is on track to achieve its major ARENA milestones as planned:

  • The first charging site was launched at Coochin Creek QLD in November 2019. This flagship site is conveniently located at a service center on the Bruce Highway halfway between Brisbane and Noosa. The site includes several notable technical features, such as a shade canopy with integrated solar PV, and a high‐capacity connection directly to the Energex 11kV distribution network via a custom‐built isolation transformer. The site is designed for up to six 350kW chargers in anticipation of high traffic volumes.
  • Development of the broader network is progressing well, with many host leases/licences and power connection agreements now in hand. The next tranche of sites has begun construction and at least a half dozen more sites will go live in early 2020.
Last updated 08 July 2020
Last updated
08 July 2020
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