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ARENA engaged Clear Horizon Consulting to deliver a mid-term evaluation of ARENA’s International Engagement Program (IEP). The IEP is designed to support greater Australian participation in international renewable energy collaborations.

Report extract

ARENA launched the IEP in 2017. Under the IEP, ARENA administers $5 million in grant funding to 12 projects to participate in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) and Mission Innovation Challenges (MI Challenges). The projects cover 12 technology research and development areas and a range of recipient organisations. ARENA also delivers knowledge sharing activities to help spread ideas accessed through international engagement.

The evaluation found that, overall, the IEP is appropriately designed and has been effective at achieving the intended outcomes of the program. The IEP’s current mix of projects was found to be appropriately aligned to ARENA’s strategic direction. While it is too early to assess the IEP’s impact against ARENA’s legislative objectives, based on evidence of IEP’s effectiveness so far it was determined that the IEP will likely contribute to these objectives in the longer term.

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Last updated 18 September 2020
Last updated
18 September 2020
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