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ARENA is developing a roadmap to identify the role that the bioenergy sector can play in Australia’s energy transition and in helping Australia further reduce our emissions. The Bioenergy Roadmap will help to inform the next series of investment and policy decisions in the bioenergy sector in Australia.

An effective Bioenergy Roadmap requires a broad stakeholder consultation process where the views of businesses, research groups, industry associations, community groups, governments and individuals are considered.

On behalf of ARENA, ENEA Consulting and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu will seek input from people and organisations with an interest in the bioenergy sector across a range of forums. The following input is sought:

  • Call for Submissions [Closed]: an open invitation for interested parties and individuals to lodge a submission for consideration in the development of the Bioenergy Roadmap.

  • Consultation Workshops [Closed]: a series of subject-focussed online workshops will be conducted through May 2020.


Have a question? Please refer to the FAQ document below in the first instance. If your question is not answered in this document please email

Frequently asked questions
These FAQs will be updated as required.

Make a submission

Call for submissions [Closed]

ARENA is calling for submissions from businesses, research groups, industry associations, community groups, governments and individuals seeking their views regarding bioenergy in Australia. In particular, views are sought regarding:

  • opportunities where the bioenergy sector in Australia may have a competitive advantage, which may include:
    • the role of biofuels to help decarbonise the industrial and transport sectors and contribute to Australia’s liquid fuel security
    • opportunities to decarbonise the gas network
    • bioenergy opportunities for heat, steam and power
  • current economic and regulatory impediments to the development of the bioenergy sector in Australia

  • understanding of markets, technologies, resources, social & environmental factors underpinning the current and potential bioenergy sector

  • insights into the economic opportunities for Australia, including a focus on regional Australia

  • any other relevant factors that should be considered in the development of the roadmap.
Further information is provided in the ‘Call for submissions’ document (below), which contains additional detail on key areas for investigation and instructions to follow in forming your submission.

Key dates for submissions [Closed]

Submissions have for the Bioenergy Roadmap have now closed.

  • Tuesday 28 April 2020 – Call for submissions opens

  • Wednesday 10 June 2020, 5:00pm AEST – Call for submissions closes (Submission Deadline). Please note the extension from the original deadline of Friday 29 May 2020.

Project updates

Project updates

The Bioenergy Roadmap comprises four key tasks:

  • Stage 1: Engage stakeholders through consultation workshops, call for submissions and direct interviews [COMPLETE]

  • Stage 2: Data collection and evaluation of existing knowledge in Australia and overseas to inform scenario analysis and modelling [COMPLETE]

  • Stage 3: Quantify the economic opportunities for various bioenergy sector pathways and develop economic modelling to inform the report

  • Stage 4: Collating the workshop findings and date in a final report.
We are currently in Stage 3: ENEA and Deloitte are completing the economic modelling.


Have a question? If you have any questions about the Bioenergy Roadmap work, please email us

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