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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    CLA Trading Pty Ltd trading as Europcar



    ARENA Program

    Driving the Nation Program

  • Start date

    13 December 2023

    End date

    31 March 2028

  • Project Partners
    Ampcharge Pty Ltd


CLA Trading Pty Ltd trading as Europcar (Europcar) will install 256 electric vehicle chargers to support the deployment of a minimum of 3,093 passenger Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in its rental vehicle fleet across at least 41 locations Australia-wide 


The Project presents an opportunity for the Europcar to:  

  • Integrate BEVs and charging infrastructure into its service offering;  
  • Assist business customers with achieving their emissions reductions targets from transport; and 
  • Provide access to competitively priced BEVs in the used vehicle market.  

Europcar will offer incentives to customers to trial and/or switch to BEVs, including promotional pricing and the ability to return vehicles without a specified level of charge. 


Europcar will procure a minimum of 3,093 BEVs to operate for a period of one to two years from first deployment before reselling the BEVs in the used vehicle market through an established network of dealerships.  

Europcar is partnering with Ampol to procure, install and operate 256 electric vehicle chargers including 250 x 22kW AC and 6 x 75kW DC chargers (with smart charging capabilities) across 41 Europcar-operated sites Australia-wide.  


The objectives for the Project will be achieved through the following Outcomes: 

  • Accelerated rollout of BEVs for rental fleets across Australia powered by renewable energy. 
  • Demonstration of the BEV use case for rental vehicle fleet businesses and increased customer exposure to BEVs. 
  • Increased skills, capacity and knowledge relevant to installing and managing charging infrastructure to meet the requirements for a rental fleet of BEVs. 
  • Increased availability of BEVs at a lower cost through the introduction of a high number of BEVs in established used vehicle channels. 
Last updated
07 March 2024
Last updated 07 March 2024
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