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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Australian Gas Infrastructure Group


    Wodonga, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    6 April 2023

    End date

    14 June 2030

  • Project Partners
    Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (Victorian Government), Longi Hydrogen, Energy Australia, Powernet, Valmec, GPA Engineering


The project involves the development of a 10 MW electrolyser to produce renewable hydrogen for initial use of gas-blending into the Albury-Wodonga Gas Network with the electrolyser ideally located for other end uses as the hydrogen market matures.


The project will deliver renewable hydrogen to start decarbonising the Albury-Wodonga gas network, which supplies energy to over 40,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers. It is ideally located to supply renewable hydrogen to any future hydrogen refuelling stations along the Hume Highway and supports a potential pathway to the decarbonisation of gas across the Australian economy.

This project, together with other demonstration projects, is of critical importance in piloting renewable hydrogen projects from conceptual plans to industrial implementation.


AGIG will construct, commission and operate the Hydrogen Park Murray Valley project. It will comprise a 10 MW electrolyser and associated equipment to deliver up to 10% renewable hydrogen by volume to around 40,000 existing residential, commercial and industrial customers on the Albury-Wodonga gas network.


The project will demonstrate and share knowledge on the effectiveness (both technical and commercial) of the development, construction and operation of the Hydrogen Park Murray Valley facility. The project will also support the development of a renewable hydrogen industry in Australia and will be the largest electrolyser on the east coast of Australia and the second 10MW electrolyser constructed in the country.

Additional impact

Co-located with North East Water’s West Wodonga Wastewater Treatment Plant, the project will explore opportunities to supply oxygen to aerate North East Water’s treatment ponds, and the potential to use reclaimed water for the production of hydrogen.

During construction, the project will support between 40-50 local jobs.

Last updated
11 July 2023
Last updated 11 July 2023


Green light for pioneering regional hydrogen project

AGIG’s Hydrogen Park Murray Valley development in Wodonga will raise Australia’s renewable hydrogen production to a new level.

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