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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation




    ARENA Program

    International Engagement Program

  • Start date

    21 May 2018

    End date

    28 February 2024

  • Project Partners
    Climate-KIC, University of Adelaide, Swinburne University of Technology, UNSW, University of Tasmania, University of Western Australia


CSIRO will lead Australia’s participation in the International Energy Agency (IEA) – Ocean Energy Systems (OES) programme to strengthen Australia’s voice, influence and knowledge in ocean energy developments and research.


Australia has a long history developing technology to harness ocean renewable energy resources, but the sector is facing a range of interdisciplinary challenges that are hampering development of the industry in Australia, and globally. These challenges include technology improvement and demonstration; cost reduction; policy and regulations; potential for environmental effects; awareness, and investment.

Working jointly with the international community sharing knowledge and expertise the IEA-OES seeks to reduce these challenges. These areas also provide opportunities for a growing Australian research community with interests in ocean renewable energy (ORE).

Last updated
18 May 2023


CSIRO will lead activity by attending meetings both domestically and overseas to:
Increase engagement of Australian ocean energy industry and research stakeholders with the international community via participating in IEA-OES tasks

Disseminate technical and policy-relevant ORE knowledge to strengthen Australian and international industry, research and policy sector communications and collaborations
Expand the Australian ORE network to a broad reach of stakeholders, such as supply chain, electricity sector participants, maritime- and coastal-related businesses and communities.

Contribute Australian knowledge and expertise to the OES vision to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of an ocean renewable energy industry, providing greater market opportunities for Australian innovators.


This project aims to:

  • support Australian engagement at both primary (stakeholders meet and share knowledge) and task levels (specific Marine work programs organised by IEA committees) from across a range of Australian industry and research stakeholders
  • coordinate and disseminate technical and policy-relevant or knowledge from domestic and international activities.
  • support active participation in OES aligned subject-matter-expertise to provide substantive input into preparation of an Australian ORE industry Commercialisation Plan
  • contribute Australian knowledge to the OES vision to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of an international ocean renewable energy industry, in turn providing a greater market opportunity for Australian innovators.

Additional impact

  • Australian and international industry, research and policy communications and collaborations strengthened
  • increased industry engagement with Government (energy and marine policy, and regional development)
  • broadening of the Australian ORE network including but not limited too, supply chain, electricity sector, maritime-related businesses, and coastal communities.
Last updated 18 May 2023
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