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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Smart Storage Pty Ltd (trading as Ecoult)


    Sydney, New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Research and Development

  • Start date

    30 November 2016

    End date

    15 January 2021

  • Project Partners
    East Penn, CSIRO
    This hybrid technology project has been discontinued.


Project Fulfil will focus on delivering an affordable and reliable battery monitoring and management system for operating lead-acid batteries in partial state of charge (PSoC) applications, as well as developing interfaces and tools to enable use of the system with existing inverters, and predictive analytics to improve network integration.

The project involves the commercialisation of the technology so the UltraBattery can compete in markets that require it to operate at a PSoC.

The UltraBattery technology has the potential to be successful in large niche markets, including high temperature and off-grid markets.


Project innovation

Project Fulfil involves research and laboratory testing to improve the understanding of how UltraBattery operates in PSoC, and then development of a reliable, affordable battery monitoring and management system. This will be followed by development of a user interface and cloud-based web portal for real-time data monitoring, which will be pilot tested at CSIRO facilities and then independently verified through reputable institutions such as Sandia National Laboratories.


With further development and commercialisation, the UltraBattery could compete in new markets that require it to operate at a PSOC.

By enabling Ecoult to further develop the UltraBattery, ARENA is helping to create energy storage solutions that support the adoption of higher penetration renewable energy generation in both grid-connected and off-grid systems.

It could be an important enabling technology for renewable energy both in Australia and in major export markets as well as providing local job creation and significant financial returns to both CSIRO and ARENA if the Project is successful.

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Last updated 27 January 2021
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