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  • Why we are advancing solar in Australia

    ARENA is building on Australia’s rich history of invention by helping local companies develop world-leading renewable energy solutions. Research and development is the place where innovation begins, and emerging technology needs funding that is not typically available in the commercial market.

    ARENA completed a year-long consultation project in December 2016 which focussed on assessing the Australian and global solar research, development and demonstration.

    This project included working with an expert reference group, holding workshops, commissioning an in-depth report and – in parallel – conducting reviews of our major solar R&D investments in the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) and the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI). 

    Consultation workshops

    Stakeholders were invited to participate in a workshop on 16 November 2016 where ARENA tested out directions for solar RD&D investment by the agency. Participants on the day included representatives from research and technology organisations such as (ANU, UQ, UNSW, UoA, RMIT, CSIRO, Solinno, Epho, First Solar and Photon Energy). We appreciate the engagement on the day and in follow up discussions of all stakeholders.


Last updated 11 July 2021
Last updated
11 July 2021
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