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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    BOC Limited


    Pinkenba, Queensland

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    1 May 2019

    End date

    30 September 2024

  • Project Partners
    ITM Power, Queensland University of Technology, Hyundai Motor Company Australia


The Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project aims to demonstrate renewable hydrogen production at a commercially viable scale, and help progress the commercialisation of hydrogen for vehicle transport in Australia.


BOC currently produces hydrogen at its Altona facility via steam methane reformation in Melbourne, Victoria. Since the closure of the BP refinery at Bulwer Island, Queensland, BOC has transported hydrogen from Altona to Bulwer Island in high pressure tube trailers to service its industrial gas customers. The transport of hydrogen from Victoria to Bulwer Island results in 90,000kg of CO2 emissions.

As a leading provider of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure through its parent company Linde, BOC sees an opportunity to demonstrate ultra-high pressure refuelling of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, powered by renewable hydrogen produced at Bulwer Island.


In order to alleviate the transport costs and risks, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions, BOC is proposing to produce renewable hydrogen at Bulwer Island to service existing customers and to expand commercial activities to supplying hydrogen for transport.

BOC will install a 100 kW solar array and a solar powered 220 kW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser at its Bulwer Island facility. BOC will also install a hydrogen refuelling station in Brisbane, to fuel a fleet of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles.


The Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project outcome is expected to result in a lower cost of hydrogen to the Queensland market, and a significant reduction in BOC’s carbon footprint in reducing emissions from road transport and steam methane reformation.

The project will also demonstrate state-of-the-art refuelling technology, and provide opportunities for education, government and industry to develop specific skills to support the hydrogen economy.

Additional impact

The project will provide an opportunity for the Queensland community to become familiar with hydrogen fuelling and vehicle technologies, through presence, knowledge sharing and demonstrations.

Last updated 01 May 2023


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Hydrogen offers a way to produce a renewable, emissions-free fuel using the power of the sun and wind.

Hydrogen fuel cell car demonstration launch in Brisbane

Gas supplier BOC is taking the leap into renewables, announcing a plan to produce green hydrogen and build a hydrogen vehicle refuelling station for hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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