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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Greatcell Solar Limited


    New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    1 December 2017

    End date

    29 June 2020

  • Project Partners
    This renewable energy project has been discontinued.


The Perovskite Solar Cell Technology project will further the prototype development phase of Greatcell Solar’s perovskite (PV) solar cell technology, following its previous ARENA feasibility study completed in 2016. This Project aims to determine that PV solar cell technology can be fabricated at industrially relevant device sizes, moving the technology along the innovation chain.

How the project works

Four parallel streams of work take place within the Project, looking at the key aspects to develop and prove a commercially relevant full-sized perovskite solar cell panel. The first two streams focus on the underlying technology to be scaled-up, and experimentally validate efficiency and stability according to internationally recognised protocols at 100 cm 2 module size. The final two streams design the process, select the equipment suite, and fabricate full commercial sized prototype panels, to demonstrate manufacturability, and undertake economic analysis of the scaled-up technology to assess commercial viability.

Last updated
23 March 2021

Area of innovation

In this Perovskite Solar Cell Technology project, Greatcell Solar Limited (GSL) aims to create value through changing the underlying economics of manufacturing high-performance photovoltaic panels. Perovskite solar cell technology is disruptive, as the materials and processes employed are a fraction of the cost of conventional solar cell technology, while the performance is the same. Specifically, the triumvirate of performance (efficiency), lifetime (stability) and cost (manufacturability) will be addressed to ensure the technology can challenge silicon for supremacy. The innovation will be showcased in full-sized, commercial scale-up and deployment ready, industrial panel demonstrators.


Perovskite solar cells are the most rapidly advancing photovoltaic technology of all time, and in only a handful of years have crashed through performance thresholds that took earlier generations of solar cells decades to achieve. The technology has world-recognised potential to significantly advance the proliferation of cheap, rapidly deployable, and widely integratable solar cells. This will further drive down renewable energy costs, whilst accelerating the rate of penetration of renewables into the overall electricity mix. Perovskite solar cells are additionally suited to a diverse range of applications.

Last updated 23 March 2021


Ultra-thin, lightweight and printable: the solar panel of the future

Imagine a solar panel that’s ultra-thin and much lighter than current versions. A solar cell that could one day be flexible, bending its form to fit all manner of applications.

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