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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Jemena Electricity Networks


    Australian Capital Territory

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    23 December 2020

    End date

    31 August 2023

  • Project Partners
    AusNet Services, Evoenergy, Jet Charge, Tasmanian Networks (TasNetworks), United Energy


This Jemena Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging Trial is a residential electric vehicle trial involving 176 EVs in the ACT, Victoria & Tasmania.

Key results

This project has successfully finished and has developed methods to further understand the impact of EV’s and the network’s ability to shift energy during periods of high renewable energy supply and support the network in low periods. Through DOE’s, Customer Incentives and Demand / Response event monitoring, the project has collated real time data on the network’s ability to respond.


The Jemena Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging Trial project acknowledges that electrifying the transport system has the potential to create numerous benefits for society as EVs are rolled out with increasing scale. To support the uptake of EVs, improve consumer convenience and use the existing electricity distribution network efficiently by avoiding expensive network augmentation, it may be beneficial to dynamically manage EV home charging by coordinating available network capacity in real time.


The project will recruit 176 EV owners across the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania to participate in the trial, with smart EV charging hardware or control boxes installed at each participant’s home. Jemena, AusNet Services, EvoEnergy, TasNetworks and United Energy will monitor the impact of these EVs on their networks and then take the lead role in efficiently managing the charge times of the vehicles. Participants will be sourced from the participating Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) (via social media and direct customer engagement), JET Charge (via its existing customer base) and EV manufacturers (at point of sale). This trial aims to be transparent and open with customer engagement across all networks with a single digital interface and communications platform.


The project partners will use the data and learnings collected to assess the impact of EVs on electricity networks and gauge the willingness of consumers to have their EV charging managed. These learnings will be critical to allow networks to better plan for increased numbers of EVs, both at lower costs and higher levels of convenience for consumers.

Last updated 12 July 2023


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