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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Hydro Tasmania


    King Island, Tasmania

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start Date

    April 2011



  • Project Partners
    Tasmanian Government


This project demonstrates a world-leading power system that combines several renewable energy technologies, smart tech integrations and energy management technologies. The system will supply over 65% of King Island’s annual energy needs using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 95%.


Communities like King Island, which are not connected to the electricity grid, rely heavily on diesel-generated electricity. It is difficult to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into such power systems without impacting on reliability or supply. Overcoming these integration problems will significantly reduce this community’s dependence on diesel, lower energy production costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Project innovation

This project demonstrates a world-leading power system that will supply over 65% of King Island’s energy needs using renewable energy, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 95%.

The way in which the technologies are used and integrated is world-leading and will provide a reliable and stable electricity supply using a high proportion of renewable energy.

The new power system is a unique combination of several technologies. The renewable energy technologies being used are well-established – wind, solar (PV) and bio diesel. These are combined with new and emerging enabling and storage technologies. The system includes battery energy storage, a diesel-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (D-UPS), a smart grid system and an advanced control system.

The inclusion of the smart grid system helps to match the island’s energy needs with the available renewable energy supplies.


The project allows the power system to rely less on diesel generation and provide a reliable and stable electricity supply while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

The project increased awareness in other communities with similar off-grid systems on how renewable energy sources and enabling technology can provide reliable electricity generation. the lessons from this project have been directly incorporated into the Flinders Island Hybrid Energy Hub and Rottnest Island Water and Renewable Energy Nexus Projects.

There is a live feed below on system operation available on the King Island website.

Last updated 04 October 2019


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