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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Viva Energy Australia


    Geelong, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    28 February 2022

    End date

    31 December 2026

  • Project Partners
    Toll Transport, ComfortDelGro Corporation Australi, Cleanaway Operations, Barwon Region Water Corporation


Viva Energy will develop, build and operate a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) hydrogen refuelling station located in Geelong, Victoria, to support the uptake of hydrogen FCEVs in heavy fleets.  


The project aims to drive demand for hydrogen in parallel with infrastructure development to overcome the chicken-and-egg challenge that has been a key hurdle for the sector.  

This will be the first deployment of FCEV fleets in Australia serviced by commercial hydrogen supply contracts and embedded into the existing operations of some of our most well-known commercial road transport businesses.   

By demonstrating the potential of FCEVs to complement (and eventually replace) incumbent diesel prime movers, waste trucks and buses in existing back-to-base transport applications, the project will reduce the carbon footprint of the heavy vehicle transport we rely on every day.  


The New Energies Service Station will be built opposite Viva Energy’s petroleum refinery and incorporate a 2.5 MW electrolyser along with both 350 bar and 700 bar hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing infrastructure. The project’s hydrogen will be generated using renewable energy and the service station will also include 2 x 150kW electric vehicle chargers located in truck parking bays…  

The project includes the procurement of an expected 15 hydrogen FCEVs which will be owned and operated by the project’s partners.  

The project is expected to begin refuelling the first group of hydrogen powered heavy FCEVs late in 2024.  


The project aims to drive demand for hydrogen in transport applications and support Australia’s vision to become a leading hydrogen producer.  

The project has the potential to catalyse future hydrogen refuelling sites and FCEV heavy vehicle deployment by generating data on hydrogen refuelling in commercial quantities and on FCEV performance. 

The project will also provide learnings on the regulatory and approvals pathway for the development of a publicly available hydrogen refuelling station. 

Additional impact

The New Energies Service Station will provide an environment for everyday drivers and future users to see and experience a range of fuel solutions side by side.

Last updated 21 February 2024


Viva Energy unveils hydrogen service station of the future

Geelong will be home to a next generation hydrogen service station announced by Viva Energy.

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