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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Pooled Energy Pty Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Pooled Energy


    New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    1 December 2017

    End date

    1 June 2022

  • Project Partners


The Pooled Energy Demonstration Project provides retail electricity and swimming pool automation to pool owners as part of an on-going service. The energy consumption of the pools is managed from a central Network Operating Centre in such a way as to help off-load and stabilise the Grid. It is an enabling technology for intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and sun.

How the project works

The Pooled Energy Demonstration Project acknowledges that Australia has 1.4M swimming pools, using as much electricity as half of Victoria, or the equivalent of two large Power Stations. The objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency at the pools sufficiently to retire one power station and then manage the remaining electrical load as a way of off-loading and stabilising the Grid. For the individual pool owner, Pooled Energy typically reduces the ~40% of total household power used by the pool to about 10%, reduces chemicals up to 80% and delivers a much higher quality, healthier and more reliable automatic pool as part of a package of services. The system eliminates the need for a regular pool technician, thereby saving further cost.

Area of innovation

Pooled Energy has a unique eco-system developed over 9 years, which uses custom chemistry, custom sensors, process automation at the pool, an Internet of things via encrypted VPN communications, a full SCADA system, cloud computing with an emerging AI, and connections to the NEM, the Grid at a technical level and the Weather Bureau.


The project will be a trial at scale with a minimum of 3,000 pools and demonstrate Demand management and Modulation for the Grid, appearing as a large-scale ‘black-box’ battery distributed throughout the Grid, at a small fraction of the cost of actual batteries. It will save energy, chemicals, equipment life and a lot of the support labour required by pools.

Read more about demand response.

Last updated 13 April 2022


EDITORIAL: The Distributed Energy Revolution

If millions of Australian households and businesses continue to invest in their own solar and battery systems, this vast array of small scale energy assets known as Distributed Energy Resources (DER) could create enormous disruption to the electricity system.

Smart pool initiative keeps energy grid cool over summer

A series of record-breaking heatwaves pummelled Sydney this summer, with one particular day even earning Penrith the dubious distinction of the hottest place on Earth.

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