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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation



    Mayfield West, New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    International Engagement Program

  • Start date

    9 May 2018

    End date

    31 July 2023

  • Project Partners


CSIRO will lead Australia’s participation in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Mission Innovation Challenge for Smart Grids.


The Smart Grids Innovation Challenge project acknowledges that high penetration of renewable energy can cause reliability and interoperability issues when connected to the existing power network.

Research and development in the field of smart grids and storage is needed to develop technology solutions to address the challenges related to the development, design, integration, operation, management, and optimization of grids to allow for up to 100% renewable energy.


CSIRO is representing Australia in Mission Innovation’s Smart Grids Innovation Challenge. In this project, CSIRO’s primary action is to share knowledge by explaining the evolution of the smart grid in Australia to global counterparts, and learn about what is happening in their countries.

In particular, CSIRO has written the Australian chapter in two Smart Grids Innovation Challenge Country Reports (2017, 2019). CSIRO leveraged Australia’s Global Solar Challenge to host a pitch competition for clean energy start-ups. CSIRO is also planning to host a large international meeting focused on the Smart Grids Innovation Challenge and the Integration of Renewable Energy.


Over the next decade, the Smart Grid Innovation Challenge aims to develop and demonstrate the use of smart grid technologies and storage in a variety of grid applications, including exhibiting the robust, reliable operation of MW-sized microgrids in diverse geographic conditions.

Participating in knowledge sharing activities will increase access to international renewable energy research, innovations, markets and policies, and disseminating and applying this information will benefit the broader, relevant Australian sectors.

By 2030, the objective is to develop technology solutions that can accommodate large-scale, 100% renewable-based power plants across the globe.

Additional impact

This project will also help shape international activities and programs that deliver outcomes for the Australian renewable energy sector, including:

  • the development of international standards and guidelines
  • research pathways
  • the promotion of Australian products and expertise in renewable energy technology.
Last updated
13 April 2022
Last updated 13 April 2022


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