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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Zero Mass Water (Australia) Pty Ltd


    South Australia

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    27 February 2018

    End date

    3 March 2020

  • Project Partners
    This solar PV project was completed on 3 March 2020.


The SOURCE Hydropanel Demonstration Project supports the pilot demonstration of 150 SOURCE Hydropanels in Australia.

Key results

The Project has helped remove roadblocks for the establishment of the SOURCE hydropanel industry. It has enabled optimisation of site-inspection, installation processes and O&M.

The Project has also improved customer relationship management, with more accurate production data allowing for better customisation of projects, as well as helping standardise service regimes and improve communications through the SOURCE App. The overall market awareness of renewable water generation has undoubtedly increased in Australia.

How the project works

The SOURCE Hydropanel Demonstration Project supports the installation of 150 SOURCE Hydropanels across a variety of geographies, demonstrating the performance of the technology in a range of environmental conditions. The Project will also incorporate a number of different applications and include a commissioned third party study on the CO2 impacts of bottled water in Australia, a customer survey to evaluate impact on bottled water consumption and a resource assessment to monitor climate-based drivers on SOURCE Hydropanel performance across Australia. SOURCE Hydropanels will be installed by a number of pre-qualified distribution and installation contractors.

Area of innovation

The Project supports innovation in drinking water supply and consumption. It demonstrates how renewable energy can be harnessed to produce clean, great-tasting water and provide Australians with total drinking water independence. The project highlights the myriad applications of SOURCE Hydropanels, and how this technology can assist Australia its dependence on plastics, energy and cost intensive water supply networks and in building greater resilience to water scarcity.


As Australia seek decarbonisation, greater resilience to water scarcity, and the reduced use of environmentally harmful plastics; the SOURCE Hydropanel Demonstration Project provides the following benefits:

  • demonstrates a new technology in Australia – SOURCE Hydropanels combine sunlight and air to make, mineralize, and deliver a perfected supply of drinking water right to your tap without any electric or piped water input.
  • progresses the development of water independence using renewable energy technology that is low-maintenance and eliminates plastic or water waste; and
  • educates Australian distributors and installers in the installation, operation and servicing of
    SOURCE Hydropanels, creating an industry capability that is currently nascent.

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Last updated 11 August 2021


How do hydropanels work?

In Australia, the driest continent on earth, water is a precious commodity. We consume hundreds of millions of litres of bottled water every year, a habit that comes with a huge environmental cost. Enter hydropanel technology. So what is this technology all about?

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