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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Stanwell Corporation Limited


    Rockhampton, Queensland

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    13 March 2020

    End date

    13 August 2021

  • Project Partners
    Advisian, Deloitte Financial Advisory
    This project was completed on 13 August 2021.


Stanwell is investigating the feasibility of a large (10 MW or bigger) hydrogen electrolysis demonstration plant at Stanwell Power Station, near Rockhampton in Queensland.

Key results

  • It is technically feasible to establish a 10MW demonstration-scale green hydrogen production facility at the Stanwell site near Rockhampton, and the required land, water, connections and approvals are all obtainable
  • However, a project at this scale is not commercially viable in the current market without being able to secure a premium price for the green Hydrogen or significant
  • Stanwell is now looking at establishing a consortium to develop a large-scale green Hydrogen production facility in central Queensland aimed at the export market.


The Stanwell Hydrogen Electrolysis Deployment Feasibility Study acknowledges that two key challenges of producing cost-competitive green hydrogen by electrolysis are high capital costs and the low capacity factor of variable renewable energy.

Stanwell’s feasibility study will assess the commercial, technical and strategic viability of hydrogen produced via electrolysis using renewable power resources.


The Stanwell Hydrogen Electrolysis Deployment Feasibility Study will identify and assess reference projects and develop a knowledge base to support long-term commercial hydrogen strategies and export opportunities.

The study will consider pathways that include:

  • on-site hydrogen gas production (for gas network injection, renewable methane, mobility and/or export)
  • on-site ammonia production
  • power generation.

Technical analysis will review foundational technology models and site integration outcomes, including hydrogen production technologies and site electrical connection.

A techno-economic assessment will determine the hydrogen production technology (alkaline or PEM) that best supports commercialisation of a Central Queensland hydrogen industry.


If feasible, Stanwell’s hydrogen project would encourage the growth of a green hydrogen and ammonia export industry in Central Queensland, help ease electricity network constraints and support the growth of renewable energy in the region.

It will do this by deploying electrolysis at large scale, harnessing economies of scale in equipment production and deployment, and maximising utilisation of the electrolyser through high capacity factor electricity from Stanwell Power Station.

Last updated 10 November 2021


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Plan for large Rockhampton hydrogen electrolyser

Renewable hydrogen could be produced on the site of an existing power station in central Queensland.

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