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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is produced using natural resources that are constantly replaced and never run out.

Just as there are many natural sources of energy, there are many renewable energy technologies. Solar is one of the most well known, wind power is one of the most widespread, and hydropower is one of the oldest. Other renewable technologies harness geothermal energy, bioenergy or ocean energy to produce heat or electricity.

Equally exciting are technologies that enable renewable energy to be produced day and night, therefore strengthening the electricity grid. This includes battery-storage, as well as smart technology that can help predict accurately when and where electricity is required.

What does ARENA do?

ARENA helps bring the best renewable energy ideas to life.

We invest in projects to accelerate Australia’s shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy. We find Australia’s best renewable energy ideas and connect them with the resources they need to help power the nation’s future.

We do this by funding projects, sharing knowledge and supporting networks to drive ideas and bring renewable energy technologies to market. Read more about us.

Our Investment Plan outlines our current priorities and what we want to achieve by funding these areas.

You can also read more about how researchers, universities and businesses can apply to receive funding by visiting our funding pages.

We think the future looks bright. Projects we have supported have already attracted over $1.39 billion in funding and are currently worth $5.25 billion in value.

Together, our current and future funded projects will help deliver affordable, reliable and even profitable renewable energy for Australian families and businesses.

Our investment priorities

Australia is encouraging innovation and new technologies and ARENA has a major role to play in supporting the companies and institutions that are building our future energy system.

Our four investment priorities are derived from our funding and investment plans and address key areas that can help create a smooth transition to renewable energy.

Last updated 11 August 2019


Lightweight solar cells surface at Maritime Museum

Sydney’s Maritime Museum has sailed into the future by installing cutting-edge lightweight solar panels on the roof of one of its Darling Harbour buildings.

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Australian renewables growing at record rates

A new report has found that Australia is installing renewables at world-leading pace and is on track to ‘significantly’ exceed the 2020 Renewable Energy Target (RET).

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AEMC rules on demand response wholesale mechanism

A new rule change is set to make it easier for industrial and commercial energy users to be paid to provide demand response, following ARENA’s trial with AEMO and the NSW Government.

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