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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation



    Newcastle, New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start date

    21 June 2018

    End date

    31 May 2021

  • Project Partners
    Ampcontrol, Muswellbrook Shire Council, Aurecon
    This renewables project was completed on 31 May 2021.


The Enerverter Project Aztec project by Restech is a small, packaged power inverter that can manage and control simultaneous power sources (including AC mains, battery power and solar PV) to operate industrial sized motors directly from PV with grid back up.

The Enerverter Project Aztec project consists of three stages:

  • stage one develops a deployable working prototype
  • stage two pilot tests three real world water and wastewater applications
  • stage three commercialises the product.

How the project works

The Enerverter Project Aztec project recognises that traditionally, electrical systems at industrial facilities had been designed to meet peak power requirements, even when average energy demand is modest.

This makes it difficult and expensive to integrate renewable energy systems, resulting in under-utilisation of electrical infrastructure and over-investment in capital.

This is especially true for sites with intermittent processes such as industrial wastewater treatment, water pumping and agriculture applications that are power intensive – even though for large periods these motors sit idle.

The Enerverter’s inverter uses energy storage and provides the amplification required to meet the maximum power demands of the application. This could significantly reduce the infrastructure cost and enable the integration of smaller sized renewable energy systems to meet the required energy demand.

Area of innovation

The Enververter will be the first multi-input, multi-output power and energy storage management system (grid) that has been condensed into a self-contained unit suitable for industrial process applications, particularly water pumping and treatment.


The Enerverter Project Aztec project will develop and demonstrate a new technology that could improve the commercial viability of incorporating renewable energy and storage into high power motor applications such as pumping and processing water. The technology could enable significant savings in electrical infrastructure capital at industrial facilities.

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Last updated
29 October 2021
Last updated 29 October 2021


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